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Find yourself transported to the Forty Steps with our best selling Cliff Walk Candle.  Close your eyes...waves are crashing on the rocks below, you spot some surfers in the distance, sea salt spray fills the air, beautiful beach roses line the paths with their delicate but distinct aroma, feel the warm sun on your face. That feeling you have, this is why we love this place so much + designed a candle to capture it.  Clean burning soy is blended with marine accords, sea spray, beach rose  + notes of sandalwood. This candle will carry your sense over until your next Newport visit.  


12 oz.  Burn time 85+ hours.  Made in the USA


Cloche not included.  Cloche sold separately.   Buy cloche.   

Cliff Walk Candle

  • Sea Salt.  Kelp.  Beach Rose.  Sandalwood.

  • 85+ hours

    Cloche not included.

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