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Daily Zen

You know how you can hold a seashell up to your ear + immediately be transported to the ocean, listening to the sound of the waves? Throughout the week it's easy to get both stressed out + caught up with the seemingly endless "to do" list Try this breathing technique anytime you need a little beach escape to settle the mind and generate some internal warmth - no need to wait for a break it your day, you can even do it as you tackle your mound of emails. Start with a couple of breaths in and out of the mouth just to get going. With each long exhale, make a gentle ahhh sound. Then transition to breathing in through your nose and out of the mouth. Imagine you're trying to fog up a mirror. Now, what if you tried to make that same sound while exhaling through the nose? an you find a similar sound as you inhale through the nose too? Keep going for another 10 to 20 breaths and let these slow, oceanic breaths warm + soothe your nervous system.

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